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 Wise Balloon Marketing Podcasts

The rapid growth of South Asian population within The United Kingdom currently touching 2.5 million creates opportunity for those who are either looking to diversify or enhance their businesses targeting this demographic. We at Wise Balloon want to create a knowledge base about South Asian consumer market, and there is no better way to gain knowledge and insight than to speak to successful people who have been operating in this market for long time. Hence we decided to do a podcast and share this knowledge with everyone.  The podcast tries to interpret the South Asian consumer market in The United Kingdom. It looks into nuances of their buying behaviour, their media consumption habits and what role culture plays in their decision making process.The Aim of the podcast is to give the businesses an insight into South Asian Consumer Market and explore best practices to serve this ever-increasing lucrative consumer segment in The United Kingdom. Through out the series of podcast, we would speak to opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, media personalities and change agents to helps us demystify South Asian market.

Stay tuned, Wise Balloon Podcast coming soon…

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