We’re not just another digital marketing agency! As a fully integrated digital marketing agency the set of skills our teams deliver is completely comprehensive, encompassing all facets of digital creative and advertising production, online publicity, promotions, social media and video production. Wise Ballon is a digital marketing agency in Birmingham and serving clients nation wide. We’re a specialist digital firm specialising in ethnic market digital strategy and execution. We build sustainable digital media strategies for businesses targeting ethnic market in UK and Europe and guide them through the process of defining goals, creating ROI producing digital strategies and effective action plan to achieve goals.

Digital Marketing Services

Website Design and Development

WebsiteWe believe that the basis of a great website is a deep understanding of people and the way they intuitively access information. We ensure your site is an extension of your brand—the look and feel, tone and voice. It is also critical that your website’s functionality encourages the visitors to take the steps you want them to take  i.e. submit a form, learn more about your products or make a purchase.

Social Media Marketing


We specialise in helping companies of all sizes, even the little ones. That means we understand what it’s like to work with limited resources.

We’ll work with you to help build and implement sustainable social media strategies within your budget.

Our social Media Marketing services include

  • Strategic campaign management.
  • Facebook campaigns.
  • Social Media PR
  • Reporting and Analytics.
  • Community management
  • Design
  • Blogging

Digital Advertising


It’s not just about banner ads anymore. Digital advertising footprint runs from simple banner advert to video advert on YouTube and sophisticated apps. So it doesn’t matter if your budget is big or small, we’ll develop creative marketing concepts that will work on one platform or across many of them


SEO and Paid search Marketing


Successful businesses need a partner skilled at search engine optimisation and paid search marketing. We’ll improve your visibility in search engines results by optimising your website.


Email Marketing:


We also use Pay-Per-Click Marketing to purchase text ads on search engines. Results are immediate, and Paid Search is very effective for securing your position within all the search engine result pages.

Email marketing has now become one of the most popular ways to communicate with your customers and your prospects.  Despite the fact that many find it old-fashioned, with social media and mobile marketing getting more attention and being more popular, the notion that email marketing is dead is simply not true.

With a strong content marketing approach, email has become more powerful than ever!

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