Client Case Study: Red leaf Restaurant Rebranding


Rebranding Red Leaf Restaurantlogo


Wise Balloon were commissioned to rebrand Red Leaf Restaurant, as it wanted to refocus on the core values of the brand and strengthening of the aspects that truly reflected their product and service. The business wanted to reconnect with their current consumers and attract new ones. The task of developing a rebranding strategy for Red Leaf World Buffett was challenging yet cheerful.


In order to understand the core values of the brand – we need to understand the vision of the owners and value proposition they wanted to offer to the consumers. The owners are passionate about world cuisine and want to share this passion with their customers. They want to be a place where customers can enjoy fine world food under one roof and have great experience.


Wise Balloon conveyed this passion for world food and quality service by creating new brand identity that is vibrant, speaks confidently about its offering and gives all encompassing worldly feeling to the customers. We created new visual identity – logo, website, brand video and signage and redefined the brand experience by refreshing interiors, new menu design, tablemats etc.


Red Leaf Restaurant has not only been able to reconnect with the loyal customers but has also been able to attract new customers. Since the rebranding the footfall has increased by 36%

logo design


Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 13.08.22


Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 13.08.36





Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 13.11.11

Promotional Material

redleaf outdoor

Outdoor – Signage


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