Branding is a key aspect of the marketing mix at Wise Balloon.

The success of a well-branded and marketed business depends on the projection of a variety of critical factors.
Your ongoing operations and services should be inspired by a clear and defined mission. Many try to imitate successful companies and replicate their characteristics, whilst others need or want to identify their own strengths and differences. Whatever the direction, we address or target your specific audiences accordingly.
Wise Balloon first helps you discover (or rediscover) an identity, your values and goals in the current marketplace. We then construct the brand brief, which informs the creative concepts for the branding itself. Every business has as story to tell. We write the words, draw the pictures and then sell the story.
We offer exceptional branding and designs to bring your business to life. The brand is the public perception of your business and the right branding can help you raise your voice and profile in a crowded marketplace and increase market share. We ensure consistency of the brand message and the branding itself from digital screens to high resolution print. We can also reinvigorate your existing branding. In a fast paced environment a re-branding exercise can allow you to reflect current market dynamics and cater more efficiently to your customer demands.
In creating a branding package, we consider its implementation across all platforms and marketing scenarios. To be  instantly accessible by your audience, we also offer the right kind of website and a social media package to support the company’s overall vision.
We always keep our client and its customers in the centre. So your branding is not only the consistent look and feel of your graphics, but a clear projection of the company and campaign messages which are vital to growth.
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